Alpha roller automation delivered

Delivered on time, Alpha roller automation motors exclusive to

These motors offer a whopping 2N.m battery operated so strong enough to handle any size roller we have. Our Alpha range extends to rf remotes, outdoor mains connected motor and to link it all together via your app we solve that with a Alpha home controller. All compatible and fully functional with Siri and Google home so techies out there will be loving life.

Simple app config to set your times to open and close and your in full control to show off to your mates. Biggest complaint we receive is that our motors are too quiet.. how we ask as that’s what you want, NO our customers reply. The blinds motor is so quiet the opening and closing goes unnoticed, unfortunately you cant have it all.

Best of all, our rollers can be retro fitted to existing roller blinds purchased from us. If you have however purchased the roller from alternate supplier, its not all doom and gloom but there is some technical validations required.