Awnings For your Home or Business

Enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing protection and comfort with Awnings.


Awnings are mainly used as a shield against UV rays and to provide shade. They also give protection from rain and snow and prevent furnishings, carpets, paints, etc., from fading. They impart beauty and are very practical.

When the exterior windows and doors are shaded, the light gets cut off before it enters a room. This is found to reduce the heat within the interiors by almost 80 percent. It is also possible to observe a reduction in air conditioning charges as it shades the room and prevents it from heating up.

The awnings for homes are also popular due to their effectiveness in making a home comfortable and environment. As it will protect your home from rain and sun, your living space will become more comfortable. It will further keep your home interior cool and comfortable during hot summer months. Thus, you can save the energy bills without using the air conditioner.

Awnings add decoration and protection to doors and windows. Awnings, especially multiple-awning projects, can be expensive. With fabric, the different fabric choices can drive the price up substantially. Metal ones, although less expensive than fabric ones, can still be quite costly. However, because it blocks the sun from reaching windows and causing indoor heat gain, the awnings may pay for themselves with reduced cooling costs. Awnings are sometimes cheaper than their alternatives.

Awnings block the view as well as the sun. If you are used to looking out your windows and seeing the trees and sky, you may not appreciate losing this view. However, if your outdoor view is undesirable you may consider this a benefit. Awnings mounted low on windows will also provide some extra privacy as the awnings act as a window shade.

Blinds Direct will soon be launching a new line of awnings, that are cost effective and modern. Transforming your ordinary deck or patio into a beautiful outdoor room. They provide more coverage, which offers more shade for you to enjoy.