Choosing Indoor Wood-Look PVC Shutters for your home or office space?

Here’s why

It’s a hard wearing material that won’t experience cracking, splitting or fading over time. Unlike wood, PVC is completely water, fire and heat resistant in that it’s the perfect material for shutters in any part of the home / office.
PVC shutters offer modern sleek precision lines achieving & creating the look that perfectly suits interior installations, well suited to any space in your home. Not only are PVC shutters aesthetically pleasing and resilient, they also provide optimum insulation. The material is constructed to trap sunlight and heat without increasing in temperature themselves. They keep the heat out and ensure your home stays cool and comfortable.


  • They’re always in style and the Indoor wood-look PVC shutters prove again and again that they are the ultimate in durability for many years of easy use and function.
  • The divider rails & louvers fit tight against the frame and allow you to control the light perfectly. Whether you are in the mood for bright, beautiful views or a daytime slumber party, shutters are an excellent light-solution for any space.
  • By adding Indoor Wood-look PVC shutters to your windows or doors can result in added energy savings. So keep that heater off in winter and reap the rewards.
  • It pays off in the future if you’re looking to sell as they add value to prospective buyers.

Using Indoor wood-look PVC Shutters as a room divider

Imagine you have a large space that you would like to divide into two smaller spaces. Whether to add another bedroom, divide a lounge from a dining room or just have privacy from another part of your home, it’s easy! Why go through all the planning and costs of a builder and having to endure the noise and mess? Indoor wood-look PVC shutters is a quick & easy installation (we are talking hours) – no rubble or dust in your home  Just a few drill holes and a step by step DIY guide.
Plus if you ever want to open up the space again you simply slide your shutters into the open position to one side and BOOM you have your beautiful large space returned again with no fuss.

  • 3 Year Factory Warranty
  • Easy to Clean
  • Control light, noise and temperature
  • Impervious to moisture, will not swell when wet
  • Will not crack, warp or fade


Modern and easy to clean & maintain. Durable, cost-effective, light and a sense of space in your home. Be it next to the ocean, on a farm or in the middle of the mountains, Indoor wood-look PVC Shutters deliver on its promise and ensure you keep those stunning views. Perfectly combining indoor and outdoor living in an elegant, stylish and comfortable way for all your family and friends to enjoy.

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