How to dress up your windows

Your window décor is key to completing the look you want in your home. Here’s how to choose the right curtains for your windows.

When you’ve put lots of time and effort into turning your house into a home, it’s the small things that finish it off and bring the décor together. Any decorator will tell you that curtains make the room, however, curtains can also ruin a room’s décor if they aren’t chosen correctly. Make sure you dress your windows right and it will lift the décor of your entire home. At Blinds Direct, it’s easy to find the perfect choice for your contemporary home, visit our page to buy curtains online at the best price.

Tips for curtains

Here are a few tips to make sure that you choose the right curtains for your home:

Same curtains for every room?

It’s not advisable to put the same curtains in every room of the house because, regardless of the décor, doing this can give your home a very uniform feel. Spend a little extra to make sure that you have different curtains for each room. It’s important that your curtains match the theme, colour and style unique to every room of the house. Spend a little extra, if need be, to get curtains that bring each room to life.

Ready-made or made-to-measure curtains?

Ultimately, the decision between getting ready-made curtains or made-to-measure curtains depends on your budget and how specific you are about the style that you require.

It’s quicker and cheaper to buy ready-made curtains off the shelf, however, make sure that you measure your window area, and that you know which colours will suit your décor best, before you go shopping. Keep in mind that hanging panels higher than the window will give your room a sense of height.

If you have a bigger budget and more specific requirements, then getting your curtains made is a better option. Getting your curtains designed is great for making sure that they custom-fit all of your windows, and this option allows you to choose unique patterns, colours and styles.

How to dress up your windows

Standing out or blending in?

The pattern and texture of your curtains mean that they can either blend into the background, or add colour and texture to a more neutral room. To create a sultry and romantic mood, use a floral design or neutral colours around the windows. If you’d like to be on trend, give mid-century patterns and motifs a try, to stand out and have your curtains be a feature in the room. For privacy, dark and heavy curtains are always a winner.

Which colour and fabric are best?

Choosing the right fabric is essential as it will determine how long your curtains hold out for, how they fit into the room’s décor and what element they bring to the room.

Stick to a colour palette and use whichever colour best suits the style of your room. When it comes to fabric – linen, silk, faux silk, and velvet are great materials to use for curtains and they hang well. For example, if your curtains are too heavy, they may not fold well when they are drawn. Bear in mind, whether the curtains will be drawn or tied also impacts the type of material that you chose.

Sunlight fades fabric, so if your room gets lots of sunshine, it’s best to avoid bright colours where fading is more visible.

If you live in a place with particularly chilly winters, you might want curtains that can keep out the cold better. In which case suede, velvet or tweed will work well to insulate a room and keep the heat in.

All in all, your curtains can make or break a room, so make sure they aren’t an afterthought.

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