Living Room, Revamp and Refresh

Allow more light in your living room with blinds

Is your living room looking a bit dreary and dull? This is the room where you relax and entertain so if it does not have the right atmosphere then it might be time to rethink. Here are a few tips on how to take the look of your living room to the best it can be.

Allow more light in your living room with blinds
Allow more light in your living room with blinds

Maximum impact for minimum effort. Over-time living rooms tend to fill with accumulated ‘stuff’ and what might once have been a neat and open-feeling
space can become cramped and muddled. There is always that one table where you dump all your keys and clutter from either your pockets or handbag, and that one painting, plant or end table that you have been meaning to replace or throw out. Sometimes the simplest changes can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your living room. Have a de-clutter and be ruthless.

Let in the light. Curtains have the tendency to make any room feel heavy and dark and for a bedroom they work as one tends to enjoy sleeping when it is cosy and dark in the room. Consider swapping heavy curtains with simpler blinds. You’ll be amazed how much larger your living room will appear and how much more daylight you’ll have when there’s less fabric and texture at the window. Blinds are largely less expensive than curtains too which is a bonus.

A new view. Moving the furniture around can increase the sense of space, but when you’re re-planning your room, try to look at it with as objective an eye as possible. It might be that different sized furniture will use the space better, but sometimes something as straightforward as moving a doorway or even losing a redundant door, will open up the furniture layout possibilities. This will instantly make your room look new.

Change the colour scheme of your living room. This is by far the most transformational of modifications. Plan your scheme carefully before you start. Putting a mood board together will help to minimize mistakes and keep you on-track both with the balance of colour and pattern in the room and also the budget. Another way to transform your space is by putting up wallpaper on your focal wall. This will bring style, art, and a new feeling to the room and all you need is one roll of wallpaper.

You don’t have to do all these steps at once, take it step by step and see your living room transform in front of your eyes.