Material for Roller and Roman Blinds

Semi-Blockout Roman Blinds

Roller and Roman blinds are a stylish alternative to curtains. It can enlighten any room through the use of color, design, texture and material.

Semi-Blockout Roman Material
Semi-Blockout Roman Blinds. Some indirect light will come through

We offer you the most fashionable window covering matching your personality, incorporating progressive designs with bold colors and textures. It is important to know the difference between controlling natural light and creating instant Blockout.

Once you have decided that roller or roman blinds are the perfect window covering for you, the next step would be choosing the fabric type. Before you start browsing the many different options Blinds Direct offers, we suggest you first think about where the blind is to be used and in what situations it is to be operated, so that you can determine any requirements you might have for the fabric. Romans and rollers can be used in many different situations. If you work at night and need to sleep during the day then you will need privacy and darkness, if you have a window in your office that is causing your computer screens to glare then you will need a material to minimize that. Thinking about where and how the roller blind is to be used in this way will help to identify the performance you require from the fabric and help you select the most suitable fabric for your blind.

To help you determine the performance requirements we have put together a list of the material types we offer and the level of transparency they offer.

  • Our blockout ranges consist of either lined or thicker material. The products that are “lined” means that there is a thick material stuck to the back of a designer material that is normally more transparent without the lining. We also have a PVC blockout range and a 100% Polyester blockout range that uses the material only to provide coverage. These ranges are usually in plain colors without images and patterns on it.
  • The Semi-Blockout ranges are made of a material that does not allow you to see through but there is some degree of light that does come through the blind. This material is not ideal for a bedroom if you want to sleep during the day.
  • Translucent blinds are completely see-through. The Premier weave and Sheer weave  are perforated ranges that allow you to see through during the day and during the evening you will be able to see in from the outside. The translucent ranges offer a degree of UV protection and will help with glare from the sun. But it is not recommended for private areas like your bathroom and bedroom.
  • The Semi-translucent range consists of a mixture between translucent and semi-blockout material. Where you will be able to see through parts of the blind and not on others. This material usually has some sort of image or pattern on it.

Now that you know the difference between our roller and roman materials you can go make your decision with a clear and informed mind. All our materials have, in their title, the degree of transparency. So now we only await your order.

Translucent Material
Translucent Blinds offering protection from the glare of the sun