New Double Roller Blinds Ranges – Venice & Florence

New double roller Ranges – Florence & Venice

Blog image - FlorenceBlog image - Venice

A few words that come to mind when thinking about Italy; historic and passionate. The new double roller blinds ranges transports you to the boot shaped country with a magnificent colour pallet, representing The floating City – Venice and the home of the David Statue – Florence.

With the new Double Roller ranges you can make any area burst with class and taste. With Double Rollers, you get the simplicity of a Roller Blind but with the option to be different. Double Rollers are a way to combine the privacy of a normal roller blind and the option to have Sheerweave, light filtering parts. It protects the room from harmful UV rays but still invites a certain amount of light through.

This pioneering blind system includes two different types of blinds on one bracket, so you can have a Blockout blind and sheerweave blind on the same window.  With Double Roller Blinds, you can switch between blockout blinds for complete privacy and darkness, to transparent sunscreens for letting in the light and enjoying the view.

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