Outdoor Bamboo Range – Coming Soon

Do you need a sense of privacy on your patio or outside area, without blocking your feel of nature? Then Outdoor Bamboo Blinds are for you.

These roll up bamboo blinds are perfectly manufactured to withstand any weather conditions. Imagine our indoor bamboo roller range but stronger and durable without any loss of style or taste.

Natural Outdoor Bamboo products will bring you closer to nature.
Natural Outdoor Bamboo products will bring you closer to nature.

Your outdoor sanctuary should not be blocked from nature, so bring nature in to your outdoor sanctuary with these outdoor bamboo blinds. Because bamboo blinds are a natural product it is expected that there will be blemishes and imperfections on them, which caters even more for the appeal of being in nature.

The outdoor Bamboo range works with a rope and pulley system, quite different from the outdoor roller range on Blindsdirect.co.za that works with a cranking system. This system works with ropes that are thread through eyelets at the top of the blind. Cords are then fed through these eyelets. To retract the blind, the cords are pulled and secured to the cleats provided.

To keep the blind from blowing around in the wind there are folding hooks that are bolted to the floor and a strap in system tied to the blind that neatly and effortlessly ties your Bamboo Blind to the floor.

Make the best of your lapa, braai and patio area in both summer and winter. Bamboo outdoor Blinds are very attractive, inexpensive and effective against all the elements.