PVC Shutters – Add some style to any area

Add a bit of class to your home by installing Shutters that provide privacy, sun protection and style to any room.

PVC shutters
PVC shutters are available in custom sizes and styles from Blinds Direct.


These shutters are manufactured from extruded PVC and will blend easily when placed next to wooden shutters as it has a matte finish. which means you will have the aesthetics of wooden shutters at a fraction of the price.

With PVC shutters becoming more and more popular among home owners and interior designers it is easy to assume that this will suit any space. It is suitable for doors and windows, it is fire resistant and also very easy to clean and because it is made from PVC it is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms alike, as it will not rust or warp because of high moisture or stringent humidity. The products have been tested in hot and dry conditions and it performed fantastically.

You are able to fold the PVC shutters open completely in order to let maximum light in, and you are also able to just flip open the slats to let in some light and allow some privacy. It gives you the feeling of being on holiday at the beach with its pristine colours and straight lines.

This window treatment will make any room seem brighter and more open as it only comes in natural colours. Our PVC shutters are custom made to your specific measurements, and it will be manufactured and delivered within 3 weeks of placing your order.

Transform your home with just a few clicks.

“Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci