Something different…. Perforated, hammered and brushed aluminium might just be your thing

Finally its now available – 25mm Aluminium perforated, hammered and brushed blinds are here.

Visit our store and see our large range to choose from.

*Please note – Our range of perforated, hammer and brushed should not be used in damp areas or close to sea. 

Aluminium-Blind-Brushed-8230 Aluminium-Blind-Brushed-8231 Aluminium-Blind-Brushed-8232 Aluminium-Blind-Hammer-C602 Aluminium-Blind-Hammer-C603 Aluminium-Blind-Hammer-C605 Aluminium-Blind-Perforated-101P Aluminium-Blind-Perforated-789P Aluminium-Blind-Perforated-812P Aluminium-Blind-Perforated-902P