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Blinds and curtains delivered nationwide

Blinds Packaged Nationwide shipping

Since we started in 2013 a lot has changed. Our volumes started small and courier very complicated, as well as learning which package methods worked. Fast-forwarding we managed to perfect the process and from the beginning of a client placing an order, a strict process is followed all the way to delivery. Being a leader […]

Paper Blinds Arrived! Almost ready for sale

Due to demand, we at Blinds Direct have imported our own paper blinds. They have finally arrived at Cape Town port. Let’s hope there are no further delays with the clearance due to Covid. Our paper blinds are perfect for those moments when you need something in a rush, that something to provide privacy, whilst […]

How much do blinds cost?

We often get asked by customers how much do blind cost? We always reply with the same question, what are measurements? 🙂 We are not trying to be difficult. All our blinds have different finish pricing, cost per square meter also gets cheaper as the number of squares increase. So as you can see we […]

Blinds venetian stacking heights

venetian aluminium blinds

Often being asked if the blinds will stack sufficiently in my doorway, now we have the information for you. Blinds Direct have graciously provided the venetian stacking heights, of the Aluminium, Basswood and Plaswood (Faux) blinds. Now your able to measure, if your blinds will stack sufficiently in your door way. We often advise clients, […]

Christmas rush for blinds and shutters has started

Every year we get asked, can I get my blinds and shutters before Christmas? At Blinds Direct we try our best to assist clients but like everything this time of the year, its crazy season. All our blinds and shutters are made to measure so unfortunately, you cant get next day delivery. We recommend that […]

Venetian blinds automation at your finger tips

Finally you can control your venetian blinds using your phone! Its been possible for some time to automate your venetian blinds. This has historically only been available to enterprise companies, due to the complexity and costs surrounding blinds automation. Normally venetian blinds had to be ordered with the motors pre installed, and specialists where required […]

Material for Roller and Roman Blinds

Semi-Blockout Roman Blinds

Roller and Roman blinds are a stylish alternative to curtains. It can enlighten any room through the use of color, design, texture and material. We offer you the most fashionable window covering matching your personality, incorporating progressive designs with bold colors and textures. It is important to know the difference between controlling natural light and […]

Outdoor Bamboo Range – Coming Soon

Do you need a sense of privacy on your patio or outside area, without blocking your feel of nature? Then Outdoor Bamboo Blinds are for you. These roll up bamboo blinds are perfectly manufactured to withstand any weather conditions. Imagine our indoor bamboo roller range but stronger and durable without any loss of style or taste. […]

PVC Shutters – Add some style to any area

Add a bit of class to your home by installing Shutters that provide privacy, sun protection and style to any room.   These shutters are manufactured from extruded PVC and will blend easily when placed next to wooden shutters as it has a matte finish. which means you will have the aesthetics of wooden shutters […]

New Double Roller Blinds Ranges – Venice & Florence

New double roller Ranges – Florence & Venice A few words that come to mind when thinking about Italy; historic and passionate. The new double roller blinds ranges transports you to the boot shaped country with a magnificent colour pallet, representing The floating City – Venice and the home of the David Statue – Florence. With the new Double Roller ranges […]

Order now to ensure your blinds are delivered before Christmas!

Blinds Direct Holidays

With Christmas coming around the corner, factories will be closing during December. We would like to urge our clients to review and place your orders now to ensure pre-Christmas delivery. Visit us today to receive blinds pricing online https://www.blindsdirect.co.za/

Bamboo Venetian blinds are finally here!

Historically bamboo only came in Bamboo Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds but now finally we have it in the Venetian blinds range. Finally its Here! We took one look and completely fell in love as the natural texture and color of the product is unique and one of a kind. The Bamboo Venetian Blinds  offers […]

Finally printed blinds are now available online

Yes, you got it right – we have now finally made printed roller and vertical blinds available online. Perfect for bringing a fresh look to any space. Our printed blinds are printed on white PVC material, but white borders are trimmed to provide a seamless finish. You can either provide us with an image (bigger […]

Custom your blinds

We were recently contacted by a client that needed some extreme cuttings to his blind. The cuttings where so extreme no supplier was willing to sell him the blind. After some discussions we decided to sell the aluminium blind and offer the client assistance. By using a sharp scissors the client was able to custom […]

The Different Types of Blinds

blinds increase home productivity

Not sure about the different styles of window blinds available? Or confused about what type of blind would be better suited to a particular room of your home? Follow this essential guide which provides you with all the advice you need to help make your decision easier. The two overall types of window blinds are […]

We are going BAMBOO for bamboo blinds!

Bamboo Blinds

Yes you have it right, we are going BAMBOO for bamboo blinds 🙂 We have just launched the bamboo roller blinds range but will have the stylish range following shortly. All blinds are backed by our 1 year factory guarantee and our impeccable service. But just when you thought it could not get better we have another […]

Printed blinds is growing in popularity

Printed blinds is something that has never been popular in South Africa. Overseas business and education has jumped at the possibilities of printed blinds but im happy to advise that we at  Blinds Direct have started to bring printed blinds into popularity. Our marketing online has increased and over the next month will enable made […]

How to shorten Venetian blinds – DIY Blinds

DIY Blinds Shortening a Venetian blind is really simple that we decided to publish a how to shorten your blinds article.  DIY blinds can be shortened easily once you’ve determined the number of slats to remove. In this DIY article discover how to shorten your Venetian blinds. Remember that by making any alterations to your blinds […]