Creative Roller Blinds

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Creative Roller Blinds – Fun for the Kids!

White PVC Roller Blinds are crisp, clean and durable, and excellent at blocking out sunlight. But these clean blinds also make excellent canvases for your children’s artistic talents. Yes, you heard us right, we’re encouraging your kids to draw on your blinds!

Art is a brilliant way for children to express themselves, but it can be a real nightmare when they do so on your walls! No matter how adorable those drawings are. But don’t scorn their creative spirit; with white pvc roller blinds and textile pens/paint your kids can draw on them to their heart’s content. At no cost to your interior decorating style or your walls.

The finished products are unique, colourful roller blinds that will really liven up your child’s bedroom, all the while providing a space and activity that encourages creativity and mental development.

Additional 35mm will automatically deducted, to accommodate for the controls from your final measurements provided.

Usually 15 to 21 days manufacturing before dispatch.

  • Premium roller with steel controller chain.
  • One year factory warranty.
  • Installation instructions, screws, plugs and mounting brackets.


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Add Textile Pens and Paints to Your Order to get Drawing

It’s important to note, and this is crucial to your child’s creative process, that not all pens and paints are created equal! Some will bleed into the material or just scrape right off. Others will just destroy your blinds.

Thankfully we can supply you with textile pens and textile paints, perfect for colouring and drawing on your blinds. They’re designed to draw perfectly on textiles without damaging them. We’ll warn you just so you know, but it is permanent, obviously! That’s the point of blinds you can draw on. You’ll want to limit the permanent drawings to your PVC rollers however, so be sure to store the pens/paint in a safe place when they’re done drawing, or your whole home may end up a canvas.

Made To Measure White PVC Roller Blinds

At Blinds Direct we offer ready made and custom made PVC blinds for your convenience. Pick from a range of predefined, popular sizes, or simply provide us with your custom measurements, and we’ll cut your blinds to size! Your made-to-measure blinds are then delivered swiftly to your home!

Benefits of Creative Roller Blinds

They Become Personalised Roller Blinds

Those precious drawings your children show off to you are mementos in their own right, as precious as any photograph. So even when they do draw all over your walls it melts your heart just that little bit. But with PVC roller blinds you can incorporate your child’s drawings into the design of their room, with blinds unique to their room! Use stencils to draw and colour in animals, rocket ships and much more, or give them the freedom to hand draw their favorite things, their family, or what they want to be when they’re older.

They Promote Creativity and Mental Development

Drawing is a create way for children to develop their cognitive skills, as well as for them to visualise what they are thinking! It keeps the mind active, and encourages the growth of their imagination. Imagination is super important for children, as it builds upon their independence and creativity. Drawings are also a great way for children to express their emotions, dreams and desires. A teacher or child psychologist will often look at children’s’ drawings to assess their mental development and whatever mood they may be in.

You can join in the fun

Creative Roller Blinds are an opportunity to join in the fun with your children! Make it a bonding activity for the whole family to join in, where you can all join in drawing or painting on your new white PVC blinds. This gives you the opportunity to make precious memories as well as colourful blinds you all played a role in making.

Colour is Important for Your Child’s Growth

Colour is crucial for your child’s imagination and cognitive development. We start teaching them colour associations from a young age, and using colour in their bedroom you help to aid in these associations. You can also help to aid in the formation of their personal tastes; if your child loves pink, putting pink in their environment will improve their happiness. So when your child is drawing on their new creative roller blinds, make sure they have a lot of colours to choose from.


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How to Measure your Blinds

How to measure Inside (Recess) blinds:
  • Ensure that the recess your blinds is going into is not obstructed in any way so the blind can hang freely when fully extended. Look out for protruding window handles and tiles!
  • Verify you have 70mm inside top wall recess available for the blind head rail to be mounted onto – refer to illustration to the left.
  • Measure at various places (J,K,L) as illustrated and input the shortest width dimension.
  • Measure at various places (G,H,I) as illustrated and input the longestshortest drop dimension.
  • Verify you have 70mm inside top wall recess available for blind head rail to be mounted onto. ( Z )

    Note: We will make your blind to fit into the recess perfectly. Do not make any deductions to the measurements as our factory will make the allowances required for recessed blinds.
  • We recommend using a metric metal tape measure and take the exact measurements to the millimetre.
  • Always double check your measurements.
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How to Measure your Blinds

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  • Carefully measure the width of D, E and F (see the diagram) and the drop from A, B and C.
  • We recommend using a metric metal tape measure and take the exact measurements to the millimetre.
  • Always double check your measurements.
Need Help?
If you require assistance, feel free to talk to us now via online chat
or call 087 8026 027, or you can email us at

Types of Blinds

Blinds come in two different kinds, which will suit different needs. Do you want the blind to fit inside the window (Recess) or outside (Facefix)?

Outside (Facefix) blinds are easier to install, ideal if you want to hide features around the window and does not require exact measuring.

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Express Manufacturing Terms

We are able to provide our customers an Express Manufacturing service (2 days manufacturing) but unfortunately based on:

  • Client is responsible for checking measurements, once processed we will be unable to change.
  • Service is only available between Monday and Thursday.
  • Orders need to be processed and payment cleared (Credit Cards are immediate) before 10:30.
  • Service is only available with specified Venetian & Roller ranges.
  • Subject to stock availability.
  • Service will not be available during peak season (October & November) due to manufacturing constraints.