Basswood 63mm Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are perfect for the modern home. Our 63mm wooden venetian blinds are a great way to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home or office. Easy to keep and clean, wooden venetian blinds are also relatively stress-free to maintain as well as being durable.

Usually 8 to 10 days manufacturing before dispatch.


  • Premium blind with aluminium head rail and boxed pelmet/valance.
  • Pelmets for Recess fit are cut 10mm longer than the
    headrail. Client will need to trim for perfect fit.
  • One year factory warranty.
  • Installation instructions, screws, plugs and mounting brackets


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Our 63mm wooden venetian blinds is the cost effective alternative to WINDOW SHUTTERS and they look just as good at a fraction of the price.

Don’t hesitate to introduce basswood into your home! Wood has always been a staple in home furnishings, and with this market leading colour range of both painted and solid wood stains you are sure to find something that compliments your home. Basswood Venetian Blinds add a cosy, natural element to any room you like to sit back and relax in.

Our Basswood Venetian Blinds features extra-wide 63 mm slats to instantly modernise your home. The 63 mm Slat gives you the look of a shutter blind and is available in stunning colours to create a cool and refreshing feel to your living spaces. When the blades are tilted open, the gap between slats is larger — allowing more natural light to enter the room. As well as being an excellent way to control privacy and airflow in your home, these blinds provide insulation against light and noise, are low maintenance, allergy free and easy to use.

The major advantage of Bass wood venetian blinds is the assistance they provide in regulating the temperature of your home. Allowing the light and sunshine in during summer, while in winter they help insulate your home; keeping it warm and cosy.

Our wooden venetian blinds come in a full range of rich natural timber shades and available in 63mm slats. Like all of our blinds they come packaged with all fixtures, fittings and child safety cord cleat.

Technical Info:

  • Blinds are manufactured with a tolerance of +/-3 to 5mm in both width and drop.
  • Valance supplier 10mm wider than ordered blind
  • Min Width 410mm
  • Max Width 2400mm (1900mm Drop)
  • Max Drop 2500mm (1800mm Width)
  • 63mm Premier Privacy Venetians have the revolutionary routless slat design, offering tight closure and a room darkening effect when closed for the highest level of privacy. The routless feature changes where the lift and tilt control cords are located. Traditionally, they run up and down holes punched in the centre of the slats, but with the routless feature, the control cording is moved to the back and front of each slat eliminating the need for centre punched holes.

    The blinds have a head rail that is manufactured from rigid PVC with a steel plate insert from a width of 1200mm for additional stability. As blind are trimmed to the width ordered, spacing will vary between the outermost ladderstring and the edge of the blind, but will be equidistant on each blind. Cords and ladderstrings are colour-coordinated. Boxed valances are supplied. One valance is supplied per blind. If a single valance is requested for multiple blinds, this will be done if valances are available and at an additional charge.

    As materials are of natural wood, imperfections as well as colour, grain and texture differences are inherent. Warping is inherent in wood products allowing for small gaps between slats. This may be more pronounced in damp areas and as a result we do not recommend the installation of wood Venetians in these areas. Fading of slats over time will occur when exposed to the sun. This will be more obvious with dark shades. All wood Venetian slats are coated for UV protection.

    63mm Basswood Venetian Blinds
    Blinds Direct’s 63 mm basswood Venetian blinds are suitable for bedroom, living and other dry areas of the home or office, with a stylish timber design. Designed with a wider slat to replicate the look of stylish shutters, they are easy to clean and offer exceptional light and privacy control. The easy DIY installation gives you a solution that’s practical and functional. Our blinds have the privacy and light control you desire.


    How To Videos

    How To Install a Venetian Blind

    How to measure for Facefix (Outside) fitting blinds

    How to measure for Recess (Inside) Venetian, Roller and Roman fitting blinds

    Recess & Facefix blinds explained

    Need more info? Download our Blinds Measuring Sheet

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    How to Measure your Blinds

    How to measure Inside (Recess) blinds:
    • Ensure that the recess your blinds is going into is not obstructed in any way so the blind can hang freely when fully extended. Look out for protruding window handles and tiles!
    • Verify you have 70mm inside top wall recess available for the blind head rail to be mounted onto – refer to illustration to the left.
    • Measure at various places (J,K,L) as illustrated and input the shortest width dimension.
    • Measure at various places (G,H,I) as illustrated and input the longestshortest drop dimension.
    • Verify you have 70mm inside top wall recess available for blind head rail to be mounted onto. ( Z )

      Note: We will make your blind to fit into the recess perfectly. Do not make any deductions to the measurements as our factory will make the allowances required for recessed blinds.
    • We recommend using a metric metal tape measure and take the exact measurements to the millimetre.
    • Always double check your measurements.
    Need Help?
    If you require assistance, feel free to talk to us now via online chat
    or call 087 012 5007, or you can email us at [email protected]

    How to Measure your Blinds

    How to measure Outside (Facefix) blinds:
    • Decide how much you want to overlap the blind on all sides - we recommend this should be at least 50mm - 100mm each side in most instances.
    • Carefully measure the width of D, E and F (see the diagram) and the drop from A, B and C.
    • We recommend using a metric metal tape measure and take the exact measurements to the millimetre.
    • Always double check your measurements.
    Need Help?
    If you require assistance, feel free to talk to us now via online chat
    or call 087 012 5007, or you can email us at [email protected]

    Types of Blinds

    Blinds come in two different kinds, which will suit different needs. Do you want the blind to fit inside the window (Recess) or outside (Facefix)?

    Outside (Facefix) blinds are easier to install, ideal if you want to hide features around the window and does not require exact measuring.

    Inside (Recess) blinds provides a neat appearance, but requires exact measuring and a top recess large enough to accommodate the size of the head rail.

    Blinds Measuring Guide

    Email it to me

    Express Manufacturing Terms

    We are able to provide our customers an Express Manufacturing service (2 days manufacturing) but unfortunately based on:

    • Client is responsible for checking measurements, once processed we will be unable to change.
    • Service is only available between Monday and Thursday.
    • Orders need to be processed and payment cleared (Credit Cards are immediate) before 10:30.
    • Service is only available with specified Venetian & Roller ranges.
    • Subject to stock availability.
    • Service will not be available during peak season (October & November) due to manufacturing constraints.