Polyester Blinds

Polyester Venetians are Waterproof

That’s right, our Suntex polyester textile is 100% waterproof. It just rolls right off the scotch guarded fabric. Combined with their flexibility, this makes them very easy to clean, and also means they can be installed in damp environments like near the ocean, in bathrooms and kitchens. It’s not going to rust or get mouldy. It also means you don’t have to worry about rain damage if you accidentally leave the window too wide open when it rains.

Polyester Venetians come in a Range of Colours

Polyester is a strong fabric, hence they’re dyed with automotive dyes! Polyester Venetians come in a broad range of colours, making it easier to find the perfect colour to match your decor at home. They come in blockout solid colours as well as opaque to allow some warm filtered light in, defusing the light to reduce glare and create a comfortable, softened home atmosphere


  • Aluminium head and wooden bottom rail.
  • 100% first grade polyester yarn, dyed with automative dyes.
  • Strong, durable and flexible, reinforced by fibreglass rods in pockets on each side of the slat.
  • Light to lift up.
  • Bend without breaking.
  • Waterproof and scotch guarded.
  • Exciting fashion colours.
  • Very lightweight.

Manufacturing Dimensions:
Min Width : 600mm
Max Width : 2400mm
Min Drop : 600mm
Max Drop : 3000mm