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Shortening a Venetian blind is really simple that we decided to publish a how to shorten your blinds article.  DIY blinds can be shortened easily once you’ve determined the number of slats to remove. In this DIY article discover how to shorten your Venetian blinds.

Remember that by making any alterations to your blinds will void any warranty.

How to shorten Venetian blinds

Step 1

Install  your Blinds

You can shorten your wooden, aluminum or vinyl horizontal blinds to fit your window frame

Step 2

Select the slat that is even with the window sill, this will become the new bottom slat of the blind

If you have recently purchased wooden Venetian blinds you may need to shorten them now that they are hung.

Step 3

Remove the plugs from the bottom of the Slat

Removing slats from Venetian blinds is fairly easy

How to shorten venetian blinds
Venetian blinds can be shortened easily once you’ve determined the number of slats to remove

Step 4

Pull the excess lift cords and cut the Cord

Trimming the ladder and string.

Step 5

Slide the Bottom Rail out of the cord

Step 6

Remove all excess Slats

Step 7

Insert the Bottom Rail

Step 8

Insert the lift cords back into the Plug and tie a knot

Step 9

Trim the excess ladder cords

Step 10

Twist the ladder cords and slide into the hole of bottom of the Rail and Insert the Plugs


Hope you enjoyed our DIY Blinds article on how to shorten venetian blinds!

Venetian blinds are affordable window treatments that offer a neat look and the choice of maximum privacy when all slats are closed. A suitable option for all your home windows, they come in a range of styles and sizes to fit any décor need. Blinds Direct range of venetian blinds are available in a variety of different materials namely wooden venetian blinds and aluminium venetian blinds but we also have an Aluwood (aluminium blinds with a wooden effect) and Plaswood also known as Faux wood blinds (hybrid composite material which combines both plastic and wood.)