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Plaswood Venetian 50mm

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Plaswood Blinds or also known as Faux wood gives you that real wooden blinds look with added durability at a lower price. Ideal for rooms and areas with high heat and humidity. Faux wood can withstand humid climates, won't swell, and acts as a natural insulator, so it's a perfect choice a range of different environments. You can’t fake the benefits of faux blinds!

Custom Faux Blinds for your Home or Office

  • Moisture Resistant - Great for bathrooms, kitchens, home office, sun rooms and garages.
  • Super Durable - Scratch and moisture-resistant Faux wood blinds can stand up to almost anything. No fading, chipping, or cracking.
  • Budget Friendly - For the same look, faux wood blinds cost less than real wood blinds.
  • Easy to Clean - An easy wipe down is all that's needed to make your blinds sparkle.
  • Very Versatile - A decorator’s favorite thanks to their huge range of colours, wood tones, stains, grains and finishes

Why Faux wood / Plaswood Blinds is the Ultimate Hybrid of Blinds

plaswood-blindsEven the word “plaswood” hints at something special doesn’t it? If wooden blinds and plastic blinds had a baby, plaswood blinds would be it! These blinds have all the best qualities of wood and plastic making them a fantastic choice when shopping for your blinds at Blinds Direct.

What is plaswood?
Plaswood is a hybrid composite material which combines both plastic and wood. It really is a technological breakthrough in the blinds industry which is quickly gaining popularity. They look and feel exactly like wooden blinds with its textures and stains but they possess none of wood’s weaknesses.

What is all the fuss about?
Well, most people searching for blinds are going to adore the wooden variety. They are warm, textured, versatile and have a beautiful luxurious look which complements any office or home. However, there are two problems with this. Wooden blinds are generally quite pricey and they don’t react well to heat, humidity and extreme light.

Plaswood BlindsBuilt for the South African climate Yes, plaswood blinds were actually developed and made in South Africa to suit the often harsh and contrasting South African climate. This means that humidity, and extreme light and heat has absolutely no effect on them.

Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms
So even if you decide to go with wood blinds in your bedrooms and living areas, you should know that they are not suitable for spaces which experience humid conditions. Therefore, you would have to make another plan in your kitchen and bathrooms. Faux / Plaswood blinds work perfectly in these environments.

If you have ever looked at wood blinds you will know that they can be pretty expensive. Plaswood Blinds is a much more affordable material. Therefore, not only do you get the luxurious look of wood in the form of a more resistant material; but you also pay less for it! Win-win.

Easily cleaned
Due to the durable nature of plaswood, you needn’t worry about wiping these blinds down with a wet cloth. Cleaning in this nature will not cause the blinds any damage at all. The slats are easily accessed for dusting and wiping.

Blinds Direct have a variety of styles on offer when it comes to plaswood blinds. This makes it easy to choose a colour and texture to suit your specific space. Enter your measurements online and your custom blinds will be delivered to you!