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Printed Vertical 127mm

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Printed Blinds can feature almost any printed image in full colour on very high quality blind material that is durable, hangs well and is easy to clean.

Blinds are custom made to fit and with either our selection of licensed images or client provided image. You choose the type of blind and we adapt the image to the window size. Using state-of-the-art printing on the chosen medium, only best quality inks will be used so that colour changes and fading when exposed to direct sunlight are kept to a minimum.

We'll transform any high resolution image of your choice onto Vertical Blinds or Roller blinds.

Perfect for business, bedroom, classroom, bar or entertainment room - Brings any room or window to life. Why buy plain Blinds when you can have Printed Blinds?

Includes a one year manufacturers guarantee.

Usually dispatched within 10 to 15 working days using normal courier

Printed Blinds Printed Blinds