1. How do I shop?

Browse our website, review; add products to CART and then checkout. Could not be simpler, our customer service is available by online chat, email or telephonically if you require any assistance.

2. How can I view products?

All product information is displayed as accurately and with as much information as possible. If you still require assistance feel free to contact our customer service via online chat, email or telephonically if you require any assistance.

3. Can I change detail or products in my order after I have checked out?

Yes, we will only be too pleased to assist but we need you to advise the changes as soon as possible. If you need to change the dimensions of a made to measure product you will need to advise within 24 hours of placing your order. If the 24 hours have elapsed we will advise the manufacturer and try to change your order. If the made to measure product is well into the production stage then there is likely costs to be incurred. If you require the product to be made smaller it could be possible to change for a small fee as only cutting required. Where the product is too small unfortunately a new product will be required but here again we will try and assist.

4. What are your trading hours?

Our website never sleeps so feel free to shop, if you require shopping or installation assistance our afterhours support team will be available to assist. As our after hour support teams operate via mobile communications they will only be able to assist with general queries and not have access to client information. We apologize if you tried to make contact and the team was not available due to poor mobile communications. We will appreciate if you could in that case email your query and will revert soon as possible.

Our operational teams for order processing/shipping/changes/repairs/refunds are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm with exception of South African public holidays.

5. How can I make payment?

Please refer to Terms and Conditions

6. Shipping

Please refer to Terms and Conditions

7. Do you provide Express manufacturing?

Yes we do but please refer to Terms and Conditions

8. Can you guarantee the same colour?

The colour of samples on the website is a guide only, an exact colour match cannot be guaranteed. Also important to note products like basswood/bamboo and some fabrics are manufactured in batches so colour variations are possible from different manufactured batches. For further assistance please contact our customer services team.

9. What if my goods are incomplete, wrong or damaged, what do I do now?

We’re sorry for the inconvenience if it arrived incomplete, wrong or damaged, we take special care of checking the products and ensuring it’s properly packaged. Immediately email our customer service team and we will appreciate if you could take pictures of the products, damage and the packaging. We will then be able to assess the damage and advise accordingly. Our manufacturers are based country wide so we will then arrange necessary resolution and advice.

10. What happens if my product becomes faulty after some time after delivery?

If your product was delivered and no fault raised within 7 days, then any faults will need to be raised as a repair request under the terms of the product guarantee. Please refer to our product guarantee page or contact our customer service team for further assistance.

11. What happens if my product fails after the product guarantee has expired?

We don’t only sell new blinds but also one of the few places in South Africa that will offer blinds accessories/spares available on Blindsdirect.co.za. If the failure is outside normal repairs then we can assist to arrange a manufacturer repair. We can only offer manufacturer repairs on blinds purchased from us and repairs are not always the most economical option. Contact our customer service as we will be only too pleased to advice.

12. Do you provide wholesale/dealer?

Yes we do and able to provide a wealth of benefits to you. Benefits includes,

  • Wide variety of range due to multiple manufactures.
  • If you’re a dealer outside local and main areas our quality assurance team can inspect the goods prior to shipping to you; this relieves the general industry issue of incorrect orders. This is significant benefit to yourself as we deal with the manufacturer and you get to focus on your primary business be it selling blinds.
  • Our manufacturers are instructed to provide products to us in a specific packaging thus minimizing chance of rubbing damage during shipping.
  • As our volumes increase we are able to pass along larger manufacturer discounts to yourself. These discounts will be larger than your standard dealer discount you receive from manufacturers.

In order to subscribe to wholesale/dealer please email our customer service team. We will require your address and details of region.

Wholesale/dealer is available to regions outside of South Africa but specific payment terms are required.

13. Where can I find the refund policy?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions