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Aluwood Blinds 50mm

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Venetian Blinds

Aluwood Blinds 25mm

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Aluwood is aluminium wood look blinds available in 25mm & 50mm. An alternative to basswood blinds, but more cost affective. It gives an elegant wood look. Used in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture would be a problem for wooden blinds. Ideal where sun is a real problem throughout the day.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Aluwood Blinds!

When blind shopping at Blinds Direct, you can have your cake and eat it too! How, you may ask. Well, have you ever imagined having the beautiful appearance of wood blinds combined with the ease, convenience, strength and affordability of aluminium blinds all wrapped up into one mutant blind package? This is no longer a far and distance dream but a very real reality. Please welcome aluwood blinds!

The composition of aluwood
Aluwood Blinds is actually aluminium in the guise of wood. There is no fancy chemical makeup going on here. Simply put, aluwood is aluminium dressed in wood’s clothing! If you have your doubts, think again! Very few people can tell the difference between real wood blinds and the aluwood version.

Aluwood BlindsColours and styles
Blinds Direct offer different shades and colours of aluwood blinds ranging from a light pine natural to the darkest mahogany. Yes, even shades like cherry wood and white wash make an appearance too. This means that whatever your current home or office décor, you are sure to find a matching aluwood shade to complement your flooring and furniture. What’s more is that these blinds are offered in both 25mm and 50mm slats to suit your desired look perfectly

All the benefits of aluminium with the appearance of wood?
Yes, that’s right! All the pros that come with purchasing aluminium blinds are still relevant when you opt for aluwood. Aluminium blinds are probably one of the most fuss-free blinds you can buy. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Light making them easy to transport and install
  • Fire redundant
  • Besides the above, when in the stacked position aluwood blinds are more compact and easier to store than wood blinds

Resilient against the elements
Wood blinds may not be installed in bathrooms and kitchens because the wood is affected by humidity. This is also true when it comes to extreme light and heat. Aluwood is in no way affected by these elements. This makes it perfect for our hot South African summers and even for homes along the coast.

The price tag
These blinds offer the high-end luxury look of wood for the small budget price tag of aluminium. What a dream! So now there is an option when you adore the aesthetic of wood blinds but can’t afford it.