Dual / Double Roller Blinds – For When You Want The Best Of Both Worlds

While roller blinds have been on the market for quite some time, tandem roller blinds are quite a new addition – especially in the South African market.

Before we get into the details of this newest product that has made its debut, let’s go back to basics. There are some people who might still a bit unsure of what a roller a blind is, the finishes they comes in and where they can be used.

What is a roller blind?

A roller blind is a simple and stylish blind that is made from a single length of fabric on a roller mechanism system that allows it to be rolled up and down to different heights to achieve the desired lightness/darkness and privacy.

What finishes do the roller blinds come in?

Roller blinds come in a wide array of different colours, patterns, textures and materials, but they can essentially be classed into 4 groups – blockout, semi-blockout, semi-translucent and translucent.

What does this all mean?

Blockout: A blockout fabric means that it will block out 100% of the light, meaning it will completely darken the area where the blinds are used and will not allow you to see in or out through the fabric.

Semi-blockout: This fabric can be compared to an unlined curtain. It will allow some light in, but will still have a darkening effect, and you won’t be able to see through it.

Semi-translucent: Abundant light will come through this fabric and there will be a degree of visibility through the fabric, especially when there is a light on inside at night

Translucent: A translucent fabric is often referred to as a light-filtering fabric. It will allow almost all the light through and there will visibility through the blind, although less so from the outside looking in.



Where can you use roller blinds?

Since the roller blinds are so versatile, they can be used in every room; there is a fabric for each requirement.

For example, blockout fabrics are ideal for areas such as bedrooms where darkness and privacy are often a top priority. Translucent fabrics might be used for areas such as an entertainment room, living room or dining room where you want that natural light and to bring the view in. Semi-blockout fabrics, on the other hand, can be used almost anywhere in the home or office.


However, there are some cases where you need something that offers a bit more. This is where the tandem roller blinds are a big winner.


What is the difference between roller blinds, double roller blinds and tandem roller blinds?

As mentioned previously, a roller blind is a single length of fabric that can be pulled up and down to the desired height.

A double roller blind, sometimes referred to as a zebra blind, is also made of a single length of fabric, however, it forms a loop (creating two layers) and the fabric is made up of alternating solid and sheer/mesh panels that allow you to adjust them to create a light-filtering or blockout effect, or something in between.

That brings us to the tandem rollers. Tandem roller blinds are two completely separate roller blinds that use a single bracket to allow them to hang one in front of the other, with each being individually controlled. This allows you to choose exactly how much light you want, or don’t want, to come through.

The benefits and advantages of tandem roller blinds

Tandem roller blinds often trump single and double roller blind because they give the user more options and control. The most common combination for the tandem roller blinds is a translucent fabric, such as the Premierweave, and a blockout fabric – this combination allows you to choose to completely darken the room or allow the sunlight to flow in.

Some immediate uses come to mind when I think about this innovative roller blind option – bedrooms, boardrooms and TV rooms. No more worrying about having a pitch black bedroom during the daytime or struggling to see what is happening on a PowerPoint presentation at work due to harsh light.


Of course, any combinations of fabrics can be used to create the perfect solution for every window in your home and office, from kitchens to lounges, the tandem roller blind really is the optimum choice for all windows.