Keeping your curtains in good condition

keeping your curtains in good condition

When it comes to keeping your curtains in good condition, there are some aspects to keep in mind such as what season it is (regarding sunlight) and the material they are made of.

Curtains serve many purposes such as enhancing the appearance of the room, blocking out sunlight, privacy and even protect our furniture from the sun rays on those hot summer days.

Surely we want to look after them the best we can in order to have them last as long as possible while looking in tip-top shape at the same time.

For this very reason, we are here to provide you with our top tips for keeping your curtains looking their best.

keeping your curtains in good condition

4 Tips on keeping your curtains in good condition:

1. Steam Clean

This method is great for the heavier weight curtains and probably one of the most convenient ones too.

It is best to start at the very top and work your way down, but remember to keep a lookout for the material becoming wet. If it does happen, simply hold the steamer further away from it.

As a side note, steam can burn you and you want to work carefully when making use of this technique.


2. Get the vacuum out

Over time dust builds up in many places such as cupboards, under furniture and yes, on your curtains too!

If you have pets, this adds hair on top of the dust as well which calls for more frequent cleaning.

Be sure to get into all the folds and pleats – especially at the head section of your window treatments. You are going to want to do the back as well, because even though you don’t see it, particles tend to build up here too.

caring for curtains

3. Let them breathe

This you don’t have to do very often, but it is a good idea to let your curtains hang outside once in a while. This allows the fabric to be aired and refreshed which will also aid in removing dust.

While your curtains are getting some fresh air, take the time to clean the track or pole.

For wooden poles, use a polish, for metal  simply dust it off and for the track you would want to use silicone to ensure smooth running.


4. Get the professionals to do it

If you are a bit skeptical about cleaning your curtains, you can always get someone professional to do it for you. However, there are a few precautions such as shrinking due to the heavy duty cleaning process not being dry.

Measure your curtains before hand and write it down on the order form. Once back at home, hang them up and fully spread them open in order for all the solvent to evaporate.


With the above mentioned tips on keeping your curtains in good condition, we do recommend the following:

ALWAYS call the place you purchased your curtains from to find out more about the material and their personal recommendations. This can give you a lot of guidance on which route to take when it comes to cleaning and caring for your window dressings.

It is always best to be that little bit extra sure instead of having to replace your curtains completely.

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