The Best Window Treatments for Beach Houses

Window Treatments for Beach Houses

There’s little more tranquil and picturesque than a beach house, with the sounds of the rolling swell and the chatter of seagulls. And the views! Everyone wants to protect those views, and that’s why it’s essential to choose the best window treatment for you beach house. Not all blinds are the same, and some are better suited to the beach house environment than others.

Beach Houses: The Difference

Coastal homes are a dream, and many take great pride in designing the perfect seaside aesthetic. But beach houses are not a one size fits all kind of home. The salty, humid sea air wrecks havoc on many metal and wood items in your home, with rust, erosion and mold.

And blinds are not exempt from this. Wood and Aluminium blinds fare poorly in beach homes, and deteriorate rapidly. To avoid this it’s best to pick window treatments that are durable and resistant to humidity.

Beach Home Window Treatment Styles

PVC Shutters

Beach House shutters

PVC Shutters look beautiful in just about any home, but their clean, classic aesthetic looks particularly tranquil and romantic in a beach home. Throw them open wide in the morning to welcome in the sea breeze, and admire the unique look and feel they add to your home whether open or closed. They also come in a range of natural colours that look great with the airy beach home style.

PVC Shutters is also incredibly durable. They’re bound to last, and they won’t deteriorate or rust either.

Plaswood Blinds

plaswood blinds beach houses

Natural wood always looks rich and homey; it’s stylish, and the natural colours are warm and attractive. People automatically associate wooden blinds with luxury, but wooden blinds don’t always have a place in the home. That’s why faux wood blinds are the best blinds for a beach home.

Plaswood Blinds is a mix of wood and PVC, a composite that is more durable than wood and resistant to moisture. It still has the romantic look and feel of real wood, but faux wood blinds are going to last significantly longer than real wooden blinds would.

Blinds Direct has also introduced automation kits for your blinds with an innovative Tilt System, which allows you to control your smart blinds remotely. ​The perfect mix of beauty and practicality – combining superior functionality with a clean and elegant appeal. Control privacy and adjust natural light with our easy to install automated venetian blinds.

Fabric blinds

fabric roller blinds beach houses

Fabric window treatments are refined and gentle in appearance compared to the solid forms of other blinds. And what makes them unique to other shading options is that while they don’t have slats to allow minimal light in, fabric blinds can come in varying opacities, from opaque to total blockout. This still provides privacy and glare reduction, but still allows for some filtered light and even a view if the opacity is low enough.

There is an array of fabric blinds available, like vertical blinds that still have slats of fabric, or Roman Blinds with their classic, subtle style. Honeycomb Blinds can also come in diverse opacities, and they are great at temperature regulation in your home for those cold seaside evenings or hot Summer days. Panel blinds also have long, wide slats that move on a rail, and they come completely blocked out to keep the sun at bay, but can still be opened to allow the light and view in.

Bamboo Blinds

bamboo blinds beach houses

Bamboo Blinds are one of our favourites. They have all the natural richness of wood with all the perks of being environmentally friendly and sturdy. They can weather the elements and still come out looking fresh. Bamboo Roller and Venetian Blinds look stunning in beach houses, with their warm colours and wood grain. Rollers can also come semi transparent, filtering in some light and giving a slight view outside. They really add to the laid back, seaside chique.

Buy your perfect beach house shading options from Blinds Direct

Finish off your seaside style and shop online for perfect set of durable window treatments from Blinds Direct. We stock the full range of products mentioned above, and with these blinds you won’t have to constantly replace your sets at home due to deterioration, rust or mold. When purchasing your blinds remember to avoid wood and aluminium, and when designing your living space consider that gentle, lighter colours and earthy shades look wonderful against the coastal backdrop, with maybe a splash of blue or green.