Curtains form a significant part of your interior design due to the amount of visible space it covers. They are a necessity for any room of your home as they protect your privacy and suitably adjust the amount of light you want to be exposed to. For such an important asset to your home, why not make it even better by automating it?

Advantages of curtain automation:

  • Provides convenience for those lazy days
  • Easily handle hard to reach places
  • No more dealing with heavy draperies
  • Voids the necessity to walk to the window and interrupt whatever it is you were doing
  • Quick privacy protection just in case
  • Eliminating the need for chains, binders, cords, and hooks

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Curtain automation helps you to effortlessly manage your drapes without any added effort. It provides a modern clean finish and seamlessly declutters your home.

Additionally, automation is suitable for any kinds of fabrics and styles. Whether you are working with expensive fabrics that are delicate, or heavy drapes for home cinemas and conference rooms, our automation specialists will have the right setup for you.

With our curtain automation, you can either have a stand-alone control system just for your curtain, or alternatively have the motors integrated into the automation systems of your entire home. If that’s not convenience, we don’t know what is!

Our ultra-quiet automation system gives you the effortless ability to manage your window coverings at the click of a button. Don’t wait any longer order your automated curtains now. Phone us on 087 802 6027 if you need more information.