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Let’s go back to 20 years ago. Would you ever have imagined that you would be able to one day make purchases online for things such as household items like blinds and shutters? Not to mention all the other crazy things you can now purchase from the comfort of your own home.

Online shopping is the future and Blinds Direct is keeping up with this futuristic trend. By offering indoor and outdoor blinds and shutters, to anyone and everyone, who wants to purchase new blinds with just a few clicks of a mouse. These blinds are delivered nationwide and directly to your door, ready for you to install.

Blinds Direct has been online since 2013, launching our first online blinds store in September. Our website has grown substantially since the launch of the online store, that we decided to make our site mobile friendly in June 2015. This allowed more clients to easily access our full range of blinds, from the convenience of their phone.

With only the measurements of the window frame you wish to cover and the style of blinds you wish to purchase, we will have your brand new blinds delivered to your door in no time. Since increasing our online visibility and enhancing our customer’s online experience with us, we have seen great results and many happy clients. Online access really puts the world at your fingertips and takes away the limitations of location out of your business.

With Blinds Direct Blinds Builder we are able to custom make blinds to fit any window shape and any size. Our unique software allows us to convert your measurements and quote you immediately on what the blinds you are requesting will cost you. No more waiting in queues, no more inaccurate sizes, just plain and simple blinds delivered directly to your door.

At Blinds Direct we strive to keep up-to-date and current with all trending styles and materials, keeping our range of blinds and shutters unique and fresh. Can’t find the style you looking for? Send an example to us and we will source it and bring it in for you.

Shopping online is the future and it is here and available to you, making your life convenient and hassle free. Go to today for your free quote! Start experiencing online shopping like you have never experienced it before.

blinds direct online shopping