Caring For Your Outdoor Blinds

caring for your outdoor blinds

Outdoor Blinds can add a whole new tone to your house and provides privacy as well as shade for those hot summer months!

When you have blinds on your patio or outside, you need to know that they will be exposed to extreme temperatures and weather conditions and you need to care for them more frequently than you do for your indoor ones.

Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks on caring for your outdoor blinds in the best ways possible.

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Caring For Your Outdoor Blinds:

  • Windy days:

Wind can be a very destructive element for your blinds and many other outdoor accessories. Blinds to serve as a cover from wind, but not the extreme ones. In order to best protect them, you can simply roll them up to prevent tears or any other form of damage. Before rolling them up, be sure that they are dry. If they are not dry, this could also badly affect the longevity of the blinds.

Another step can be to always roll them up at night as you never know what weather changes could be rolling in over the hours that you are asleep.

  • Be alert

It is a good idea to check your blinds on a daily basis for any marks or stains such as bird feces. They can leave permanent stains, but if you care to it soon enough you might just save yourself a lot of trouble for the future where it will be a lot harder, maybe impossible, to remove.

  • Tie them off

It is best to make sure your blinds are always tied off properly in each corner. All blinds are supplied with tie off points. This will also ensure that it is protected from the wind as well as avoiding the irritating sound and look when it starts to flap around.

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  • The material used

Material makes a big difference when it comes to blinds. Most are made of PVC or mesh which allows air to flow through them and also keeps out the pesky bugs. So when it comes to cleaning, here is what you need to know.

Due to PVC being so prone to scratching and abrasion, it is best to not use any cleaning material that might damage the surface. You can buy a cleaning aid made especially for PVC materials or use cold soapy water.

Apply the cleaner with a soft cloth and then rinse the blinds thoroughly once done in order to prevent soap stains being left behind.

Then for drying, leave them rolled down until completely dry. In general, leaving your blinds all the way down improves the lifespan a lot.

  • Lubricate the tracks

We recommend that you spray the tracks of the blinds at least once a month with silicone spray. This will keep them lubricated at its best and ensure that they slide up and down smoothly with no error, which also prevents harming them unnecessarily by pulling too hard or an unexpected backlash.

Now that you have got some more insight on caring for your outdoor blinds, you can prevent them from aging by putting in a bit more effort to keep them at their best.

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