How to choose the right curtains

Choosing The Right Curtains

Are you struggling with choosing the right curtains? Are you moving into your own house soon? Are you maybe renovating the interior of your current home?

There are many things to consider in both these situations, but today we would like to focus on how curtains can impact the interior of your house.

It might not seem obvious to a lot of people, but curtains can change the whole tone of a room and therefore it needs to be done correctly.

There are many aspects that play a role such as the colour, the thickness, the material used as well as the length. Save yourself the trouble and some money by getting it right the first time around.

How to choose the right curtains
Custom or ready-made? Pinch or pencil pleats? Knowing the options will help you decide which window coverings are right for your space

Our guide to choosing the right curtains:

  • Curtains for Privacy and Lighting

Depending on where you are planning to put up new curtains, you need to think about how much light you want to filter in or out of that space. If you are revamping your lounge go for sheer curtains so that a bit more light can be allowed into the area.

For privacy, such as your bedroom, choose heavier curtains that offer less natural light. Also, if you are choosing curtains for a room that naturally gets a lot of light, opt for a natural hue as sunlight fades bright coloured curtains a lot faster.

  • Measurements

Curtains that are mounted correctly will complement your decor and even make the room feel bigger. To get the perfect measurements, measure the height from the rod to the floor and then take into account the size of the rings or hanging hardware. This along with the space you want between the floor and the curtain will determine the measurements.

For measuring the width, it all depends on how full you want your window to be. For a draped look, be sure that the curtain is three times the widths of the window and for a more tailored look, the width should be about 2 inches longer.

choosing the right curtains
Fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains, since the material will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time.
  • Material

This is a key element when it comes to choosing the right curtains! To determine which material would be best, consider what type of tone you want to set. For a sunny effect, choose a fabric light in weight such as linen or cotton as it creates a casual and airy feel to the room.

With heavier fabrics you’ll create a more dramatic setting with materials such as suede or velvet. It also adds a more formal touch.

  • Style

This is the last thing to consider and will be fairly easy to do, but it also plays a big role on the final outcome. Pick a style that would complement your decor in that specific room. Depending on the colour of the room and the tone you want to set, you can go for either a neutral colour or play around with some colourful patterns and styles.

Now that you have some more insight into choosing the right curtains, browse our collection of curtains today to find what you like – we have ready made curtains as well as made to measure curtains.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us today for assistance.