How to Clean Your Honeycomb Shades

Are your Honeycomb Blinds looking tired or dirty? We’d say it’s about time to give them a good cleaning! But cell shades are different from your average pair of blinds, so don’t feel alarmed when you find they need their own unique cleaning techniques. We’re here with a little helpful guide on honeycomb shading cleaning to help you along.

  1. Never Submerge your Honeycomb Blinds in Water

No matter how dirty your blinds look, don’t submerge your blinds in water, or get them excessively wet. This will destroy the shape and integrity of your blinds, causing them to lose their pleating or cell shapes. Water will also weigh down the material, further morphing its shape.

Don’t ever allow water into the seam area of your honeycomb blinds, as this can damage the adhesive and make your blinds lose their pleats, ruining them. So never use a heavy hand when it comes to water. Damp clothes work better than sopping wet clothes.

  1. Vacuum your blinds with a brush attachment

Your Honeycomb Blinds likely look dirty because of surface level dust, lint and hair. By using a vacuum with a nozzle and brush, you can vacuum and gently brush off any hairs you find. When vacuuming be sure to use the brush nozzle, as this prevents the cell shades from crumpling or warping for the pull of the vacuum. Brush from side to side along the pleats for optimal cleaning. Always vacuum your blinds on the medium or lowest setting, to avoid damaging your blinds.

You can also use a lint roller if you have one.

  1. Gently dust your blinds with a duster

If you would rather not use a vacuum or the dust isn’t too bad, you can simply dust your honeycomb blinds. Just be sure to do it gently, lightly brushing your blinds to avoid crumpling them. You can also use a can of compressed air to blow the dust off.

  1. Use a can of compressed air to blow dirt out of the cells

Using a can of compressed hair, insert the nozzle into the cells on the sides of the honeycomb blinds. This blast of air will get the dirt out of the inside of your blinds. But don’t use a vacuum to do this! That will damage your blinds, and is ineffective compared to the direct, narrow blast of targeted air from the can.

If you don’t have a can of compressed air you can use a blow dryer as long as it’s on low and has a cool setting. If not you’re really better off just buying the compressed air.

  1. Blot out stains with a lint-free microfiber cloth, warm water, and mild dish soap

If your cell shades are still dirty, you can blot out stains with a microfiber cloth that’s been dipped in warm, mildly soapy water. Make sure the cloth isn’t soaking wet before gently dabbing your blinds, but be careful not to scrub as this will damage the fabric. Just lightly dab the spot, then use another dry, lint-free microfiber cloth to blot the area, drying it to avoid water rings.

Remember to avoid getting water in the seams of your blinds. A damp cloth is better than a sopping wet cloth for control and to avoid excessive water.

  1. Allow your blinds to air dry

Don’t try to blow dry them. It’s better to just let them hang loose and dry in their own time! And that’s it, your blinds should be looking cleaner already.

Regularly clean your blinds as necessary to ensure they keep looking good as new.

Follow the above methods to clean your blinds, and you’ll have happy, clean blinds for longer! Honeycomb Blinds are perfect for regulating the temperature in your home, keeping the air cool in Summer and warm in Winter. For the perfect Cell Shade blinds for you feel free to check out our range, especially if your current honeycomb blinds are looking tired and worn out.