The Benefits of Honeycomb Blinds

Every shading option has its own benefits and unique qualities that make them perfect in your living space. Honeycomb blinds are unique in their design and function with their cellular designs. They’re made from two or more layers of 100% nonwoven polyester, joined together at the pleats to form cellular compartments that trap air within them.

But what is its purpose? It’s not just for looking good. Their form and function are linked to provide a range of appealing benefits, making them a must-have in your home.

Their benefits include:

They Provide Better Insulation

South Africans know all about the blistering Summer heat and the cold Winter nights. While most blinds keep the light out, they struggle to keep the heat/cold out as well. But Honeycomb blinds are designed for keeping out the heat and cold; their cellular design traps a layer of air between the window and the rest of your home, acting as a buffer against the heat or the cold. This keeps your home at a comfortable temperature!

They Have Dual Opening Functionality

Cellular shades, as they are otherwise called, are interesting in that their design allows them to close from the top-down, like typical blinds, AND close from the bottom-up. This allows you to achieve some privacy or shading without closing the whole blind, allowing some light or view to remain visible.

They can also be opened horizontally, and this leads perfectly into their next benefit.

They Can Be Installed Where Other Blinds Can’t Be

Skylights and other uniquely designed windows don’t work with most shading options. But Honeycomb blinds can open sideways, and can be installed on skylights! They move along a rail that stops them from falling down away from the glass, so you can close and open the blinds to your skylight as needed.

They Are Space-Smart And Eco Friendly

Honeycomb blinds fold upwards when closed, becoming compact so as not to take up too much space at the top or bottom of your window. This keeps your view unrestricted and keeps the space appealing. The heat/cold reflection also saves money on heating or air conditioning bills, and by using less electricity we contribute to saving the environment.

They Come In Many Colours, Including Dual Colours

The sky’s the limit when it comes to colour. From vibrant reds to rich earth tones and everything in between, you can pick the colour that works best for you. They can also come dual coloured, with one colour facing inwards and white facing outwards. This helps to keep the hot air out, and provides a uniform look to your home or area, especially for complexes where it’s a requirement to have white outward facing blinds.

They Come In Translucent or Blockout Material, or Both

Depending on how you like your shading, you can have dense blockout Honeycomb blinds that keep out the light entirely, or very translucent blinds that still allow for some light or view to come into the room. Additionally you can have a combination of translucent and blockout; that’s because cell shades can be installed one on top of the other.

So you can have a layer of blockout Honeycomb blinds against the window, then a translucent blind on top of that; you just close whichever one based on what kind of shading or privacy you’re after. You can even close both to varying degrees to blockout half the window but leave the rest translucent.

This Makes Honeycomb Blinds a Versatile Shading Option for Your Home

If you’re looking for a unique shading option that’s as functional as it’s good to look at, then Cell Shades are right for you. Especially if you have slanted skylights or tall windows, want a dynamic shading solution, or if you struggle to regulate the temperature in your home. If you want to bring Honeycomb Blinds into your home feel free to check out our range, or contact us to find out more.