Pros and Cons of Ready Made Curtains vs Custom Curtains

Ready Made Curtains vs Custom Curtains

We have previously done a post on how to choose the right curtains, but now we would like to focus on both the pros and cons of ready-made curtains vs custom curtains.

Depending on your personal preference, we want to help you figure out which one will suit your needs in the end.

Ready Made Curtains gives you the opportunity to spice up your home with a one time purchase simply by browsing what is already available, but with Custom Made Curtains you get to specify each and every little detail to your taste.

Choosing between the two all comes down to factors such as how soon you need them, what style you are looking for, the value for money and the measurements. There is a lot to consider and it might be a bit hard to choose, so let’s take a look at the good and bad of both of them.

Ready Made Curtains vs Custom Curtains
Blinds Direct looks at the pros and cons of both ready-made curtains & custom curtains to help you decide the best option for your needs.

Ready Made Curtains vs Custom Curtains

Ready Made Curtains


  • It is super convenient for people that have next to no time to go browse around in shops for endless hours. It offers various designs, colours, materials and collections that can be chosen from in no time to suit the decor of your home.
  • This is also an inexpensive way of getting curtains for your home because everything has already been done – all you need to do is hang it up.
  • The delivery and turnaround time is rather fast as there is no time needed to make make a whole new product
Ready Made Curtains
Ready-made curtains come in standard sizes, while windows don’t — especially in period or traditional homes, where they can be a variety of shapes and sizes


  • It might be difficult to find something that truly complements the rest of your interior design
  • You can never really be too sure about what they look like until they arrive. The colour might be slightly different, the material might not look that good and the amount of shading it offers might not be to your preference.
  • You have to install them yourself and if you accidentally took the wrong measurements of your windows, they won’t fit the way you were hoping they would.

Custom Made Curtains


  • You have all the power to decide EXACTLY what the end product will look like – colour, length, design, material, shading and all the other factors.
  • It is unique and can add value to your home having curtains that suit the rest of the interior design perfectly.
  • Our online shop allows you to get the exact price of your design without having experts come to your home to do it themselves – play around with lengths, colours and designs to see which option will suit your budget and your home
Custom Curtains
Made-to-measure. Opting for custom curtains lets you tailor the material, pattern, colour and style to your requirements.


  • They are going to make a bit of a bigger dent in your wallet due to the fact that it is being made specifically to your requirements – just as buying a tailored suit or dress would be more expensive than one hanging on the wall.
  • The waiting period will be longer as it needs to be made from complete scratch and also to perfection to make sure you are happy with the end product
Ready Made window treatments
Blinds Direct have years of experience in custom window treatments for every window size, window style and budget. Whether you need ready-made window treatments or a custom solution you will find it on our website.

There you have it, the pros and cons of ready-made curtains vs custom curtains – now it is up to you to choose which one will fit your lifestyle and home the best.

They are both great options due to the top quality and effort we put into the process of making them.

We pride ourselves in happy customers – your end product is our main focus.

You can also contact us for any further enquiries regarding these products and we will gladly assist you.