Keeping the Sun at Bay – Modern Shading Options for your Home

Summer is just around the corner, and just like everyone else, we’re super excited for the warm summer sun and days at the beach or around the braai. But with the summer comes hot days and constant sunlight that lasts well into the evening.

This makes it difficult to take daytime naps or put your little ones to bed at a reasonable time. Young children have to take regular naps, which is difficult in warm, bright rooms. The inside of your home should be a place to escape the cooking summer heat.

But you also don’t want to batten down the hatches either. You want your home to be light, airy, and open, with ample space for air to flow. At Blinds Direct, there are some great summer shading options for your home, options that will give you the shelter from the heat and light while also providing an opportunity to keep your space open, cool and well lit.

When you desperately need that afternoon nap, a sleep-in on the weekend, or to send your little ones to bed early, blockout blinds are the right blinds for you. Blockout blinds are a type of roman or roller blind that filters the light. Blockout fabric is woven with pvc, which is what gives it its sunlight blocking property.

Sheerweave roller blinds also allows you to keep your view while protecting yourself and your furniture from UV rays that would otherwise bleach your possessions (think books on a bookshelf. The sun bleaches the colour right off them!) Roller blinds also come with a steel controller chain, so you can roll them straight up or down. You can also have designs printed onto your blockout blinds, which themselves come in a variety of exciting colours, from contemporary colours to earthy tones. Roman blinds are famous for providing a soft, stylish look and feel to your home.

Another option for blocking out the sun effectively are wooden or plaswood venetian blinds. Wooden and plaswood blinds have thick, wide slats that effectively block out the sun when closed. Wooden blinds also add a degree of style and luxury to your home, and when they’re open they let the light and air in. If you live in a humid environment, then we recommend using Plaswood blinds, as they’ll give you the same look, feel and shade as wooden blinds, but are more durable and resistant to the elements.

If you’re looking to fully automate your blinds this summer, the MySmartBlinds automation kit is for you. With automated blinds, you can tilt your venetian blinds any which way you want to, opening them up to let the light and air in or closing them to keep cool and take a nap at the touch of a button. Our automated blinds may also be installed with a solar panel, allowing the summer sun to charge your blind system. We also have a simple-to-use smart switch that can be placed around your home and the best part of it is that it is compatible with iOS and Android devices so you can download the app on your phone, allowing you to control the sunlight anywhere in your home at a touch of a button.

All of these innovative shading options can be found on our online store. Take your space into your own hands, especially those with a passion for interior design, and create a home where you can enjoy all the perks of summer, and block them out when you choose to. If you have any enquiries about our products feel free to contact us.

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